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Award-winning legal specialist adopts Proclaim to maintain exceptional client commitment

chris-kushnerJoseph Frasier Solicitors – recently crowned ‘Legal Business of the Year’ at the Red Rose Awards 2015 – is the leading law firm offering information and legal advice for deaf, hard of hearing people and others. The practice covers a range of law from Industrial Disease and Clinical Negligence to Personal Injury and Family. The firm also provides an excellent Costs service to a wide range of other solicitors as well as its internal departments. The firm prides itself on its passion and commitment to clients.

Chris Kushner (pictured), Practice Manager at Joseph Frasier Solicitors, speaks to us about the firm’s choice to implement the Proclaim Practice Management System.

Why did you choose to implement a new system?
As a developing firm, Joseph Frasier Solicitors began to attract an increasing number of new cases to handle. In order to effectively manage the increased workload whilst maintaining our exceptional reputation for client service, we decided we needed to acquire a fully integrated Practice Management System that could both monitor and report on the large volume of incoming cases.

Furthermore, we needed an efficient accounting system with the ability to create and schedule reports accurately, considering the volume of work we anticipated.

Why did you choose Proclaim?
We chose Proclaim because of its exceptional reputation within the market – it’s increasingly being identified as the product of choice for many firms. The proven reliability and versatility (regardless of a firm’s needs) easily made Eclipse our first choice.

After a demonstration, it became clear the flexibility of the system would allow for on-going tailoring to be done in-house which in turn, would enable us to keep up with the market pressures that often forces firms to adapt quickly to changing needs of the sector.

Additionally, the software’s market-leading range of easily accessible tools meant that our fee earners would be able to drive cases forward in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

What are the day-to-day benefits of using Proclaim?
Essentially, it provides a core desktop application for our fee earners. With Proclaim, standard precedent letters and packs can be produced with literally just a couple of mouse clicks. The solution pulls in the relevant case data and merges it into the chosen documents automatically, which saves us hours of administration time on a day-to-day basis. In turn, this helps us to focus on our fundamentals – setting exceptional standards for our clients and delivering them.

In addition, being able to use Proclaim’s in-built flexibility has proven invaluable to us. The software’s workflow ensures our regular processes are dealt with consistently and are in keeping with our standards. The step-by-step guides incorporate document production, automatic diarising of future actions and follow up tasks ensuring our staff never miss a deadline. The document production tool in particular, is essential to our legal tea as it automates production fast and effortlessly, meaning paperwork can be generated with the click of a button, leaving our team to be productive elsewhere.

On the financial side, Proclaim’s integrated accounting toolset means we can see the ledger on each individual file and gives us access to departmental and company data, with the option to drill down into deeper detail.

Additionally, our recent integration of the New Business Enquiries (NBE) module seamlessly provides us with true end-to-end management of our incoming enquiries, meaning we can manage on-going prospect relationships and create live client files that include the pre-existing information – all at the click of a button.

Do you use Proclaim for practice analysis and business development?
Accurate and rapid reporting is vital to us due to the volume of matters we now process and we find we are increasingly making use of Proclaim’s reporting functionality.

Being able to create and reproduce reports at the click of a mouse has improved this element of our service immeasurably. Having recently acquired Proclaim’s Task Server, we can now provide reports as and when they are required, scheduling them to be distributed at set times and without intervention from staff, giving us the ability to focus more clearly on our objectives – maintaining exceptional client service.

In terms of internal data, we can easily create bespoke reports to identify the progress made by the firm in comparison to our expectations, therefore anticipating any adjustments that may be needed for the future.

How well does the system suit your on-going and future needs?
Proclaim has already delivered many business benefits, from tailored workflows to powerful reporting, and we know the system is capable of much more.

With Proclaim in place, we enjoy a great deal of adaptability and we’re confident that the system can be seamlessly tailored by our fee earners, in line with the changing market or new legislation.

The ability we have from Proclaim to adjust our dataset or to report on new areas of work gives us complete flexibility. For example, we are currently discussing a new area of work for the firm and using Proclaim we are able to construct a specific database and reporting structure in order to anticipate future needs of the business.

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