Eclipse Compact - legal software for small law firms

Eclipse Compact is designed purely for the needs of small law firms, new start-ups and boutique practices who are wanting to efficiently manage caseloads and deliver an enhanced client service.

Compact takes the core functions of our Proclaim case and practice management software and provides your small legal practice with a streamlined and secure solution.

Benefit from:

  • Simple pricing with no setup costs and no hidden extras – from just £95 per user per month
  • Secure hosting, providing you with complete confidence in your data security
  • Access for 1-10 users, and should you grow beyond this, there’s a seamless transition available to our Proclaim solution

Easy to use case management suite

Enabling you to hit the ground running and manage your matters in an organised, centralised fashion. Compact gives you the option to utilise purpose-built modules suited to a wide range of legal areas including conveyancing, personal injury, employment, debt recovery, probate, crime (private client), family (private client) and more.

Optional legal accounts software

If required, Compact can integrate with our accounts system to form an integrated practice management solution.

Data storage

A powerful central database storing each and every piece of information relevant to your cases and files.

Document production and management

Fast and effortless document production is available via a single mouse click. Documents can be generated singly or in thousands, and incoming items can be scanned and stored digitally within the relevant case(s)/file(s).


Compact’s in-built ‘workflow’ can be utilised to carry out routine steps with just a few mouse clicks, enabling you to benefit from elements of automation and smoother case progression.

Email communications

Sending and receipt of email communication is all managed seamlessly, with attachments handled in their native format and all conversations being stored in the relevant case histories.

Task management

A full ‘tasks’ facility is linked with all case activities, with automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked.

Time recording

For work areas where time management is vital, Compact can automatically record time against every action (incoming and outgoing) taken.


A reporting suite allows in-depth interrogation of selected Compact data, meaning you can stay abreast of core practice data and trends.

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