Personal Injury Software

Proclaim improves your case handling, reduces the time spent processing each case and increases the quality of service your clients receive.   Guiding you through step-by-step procedures, from case opening to conclusion, Proclaim Personal Injury Case Management Software can be tailored to any area of PI work, e.g. RTA, RTC, Employers’ Liability / Public Liability (EL / PL), Clinical Negligence, etc.

Clients include:

RTA and EL / PL Claims Portals

Proclaim Personal Injury Software includes optional integration with the MoJ’s RTA and EL / PL Claims Portals.   Access is 2-way, via ‘Application-to-Application’ (A2A software) technology, enabling you to efficiently process volume caseloads.   Click to read more about Proclaim RTA Claims Portal integration and Proclaim EL / PL Claims Portal integration.

Data Storage

A powerful database stores all your contacts for each claim, and incoming mail, faxes and even photographic evidence can be scanned into the relevant Proclaim file.

Costs Budgeting and Management

Seamlessly integrated, providing:

  • Ongoing alerts and colour-coding for each element of the budget
  • A quick-view screen presenting all relevant costs information ‘at-a-glance’ for fee earners and management
  • Reporting and analysis across all budget categories on an individual case or global basis

Case Importation

New or amended case information received electronically from business partners, be it 1 case or 10,000, can be automatically imported — in the right format and attached to the right cases — at the click of a button.

Expert Guidance

Proclaim’s in-built ‘workflow’ can be tailored to ensure that cases are dealt with consistently and in keeping with your firm’s standards, automating time-sapping administration.

Document Creation & Management

Fast and effortless document and form production means that at the start of a case, it’s possible to generate all relevant documentation automatically at the touch of a button. For example, Particulars of Claim for a huge range of allegations are included as standard. In addition, appropriate items are merged into letters of advice on Part 36 offers/payments.

Management Reports

A range of standard reports is included, with the option to define your own using Proclaim’s integrated Reporting toolkit based upon any items of data within the database. For example, you could run a report on all cases referred by a particular broker in a single month, by overall value or geographical region.

Text Messaging

SMS (text) messaging direct to clients’ mobile phones is available from the desktop at the click of a button, keeping them up to date with developments and reminding them of important appointments.

Online Case Tracking

Proclaim can automatically publish selected case data to a secure web site — enabling you to make information available to clients, partners, and intermediaries around the clock.

Financial Analysis

Proclaim records time on every action administered, storing a complete record of costs for each case. Disbursements are also calculated for every claim to ensure an accurate breakdown of all transactions — hospital records, court fees, GP notes, source agents, etc. A series of Special Damages screens provide a dynamic approach to addressing and updating your clients’ losses.

Eclipse Proclaim Case Study: Nesbit Law

Alan Nesbit, Owner of Nesbit Law Group LLP (Personal Injury specialists), tells us about his journey with Proclaim Practice Management.