Debt Recovery Case Management Software

Proclaim Debt Recovery and Collections Software is a comprehensive County and High Court debt recovery system, ensuring efficient operation, fast turnaround and an improved bottom line. Proclaim manages production of Claim forms and covers Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy and Winding Up Proceedings.

Data Storage

A powerful database holds records of the case history and relevant financial transactions as a debt is processed.   Fast searching enables files and data to be traced with the minimum of effort.


Proclaim’s in-built ‘workflow’ can be edited to ensure that cases are dealt with consistently and in keeping with your practice’s standards. Workflows are included, and are customisable to your requirements, e.g. you can specify a different collection procedure for a specific client, including different particulars of claim and letters.

Proclaim’s workflows enable you to produce documents with the minimum of effort — built-in intelligence ensures that your letters look personalised, not mass-produced.   Letters before Action can be issued automatically, and from here the subsequent escalation of the case through to requesting and receiving judgement.

Workflows provided include: Warrants, Charging Orders, Third Party Debt Orders (previously Garnishee), Attachment of Earnings, and Orders for the debtor to attend court for questioning (previously Oral Examination).


Proclaim includes, as standard, the new (January 2011) email method for submitting volume cases to the Northampton County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC).

Auto File Import

Automatic file import means that clients with many hundreds of bad debts can deliver information to you in an electronic form, to be integrated into the Proclaim Debt Recovery system at the click of a button.   Hours (and potentially days) of laborious data entry are immediately saved.   By automatically opening and loading files with names, addresses and invoice details, debts pre-action work can be completed on the same day instructions are received and can often be taken to Default Judgement with minimal effort and expense.

Time Recording & Billing

Automatic time recording ensures accurate billing as you progress through cases.   There is the facility to bill clients dependent upon their individual requirements, e.g. hourly, by debt recovery ‘stage’ reached, etc.   In addition, an audit trail allows you to check which billing routines were run and when, so that these can be checked against the timing of specific debtor payments.


Proclaim enables the calculation of debts based upon current interest base rates (amendable, should the need arise), with a full breakdown of each debt’s interest calculations available to import into client letters.   In addition, the system can also cater for interest rates linked to ‘x% above base’, allowing true flexibility.


A user-definable reporting facility can be tailored for each user, department or activity.   Standard reports — all amendable — are provided with Proclaim, e.g. facilities to report on the caseload of fee-earners and departments, the source of referrals, the current status of all debts for a particular client, cash flow for a client based on recovery rates over the past x months, etc.


A full diary facility is linked with all case activities, with automated reminders to ensure important events are not overlooked.   The diary system provides a powerful tool that can be set up to allow certain activities to be diarised in someone else’s diary e.g. secretary to chase for a reply to a fee earner’s letter, etc. All actions are logged to create an accurate audit trail.

Task Lists

Task lists enable you to post reminder memos on individual cases — Proclaim will list all tasks for today, tomorrow… up to any point in the future, sorted by fee earner if required.   The lists automatically update depending upon actions taken that day, client information received, etc.

Rob Crompton of rapidly expanding Leeds based practice, Michael Lewin Solicitors, talks about how Proclaim enables service excellence and rapid file progression.

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  • Experienced 700% growth since implementing Proclaim