Costs Drafting Software

Proclaim Costs Drafting software is a comprehensive system that automates the often tedious layout, calculation and repetitive phrases that hamper your progress and reduce the profitability of your work.   Proclaim enables you to turn cases around faster, increase your throughput and ensure you meet tight deadlines.

Data Storage

Proclaim’s powerful database stores all your contacts for each case and records all correspondence and relevant financial transactions.   Incoming documentation can be scanned into Proclaim and logged against the relevant contact to provide a complete onscreen case summary.   Fast searching enables information to be traced with the minimum of effort.

Time Recording

Proclaim automatically time records as you progress through cases to guarantee accurate billing.   There is the facility to bill clients dependent upon their individual requirements, e.g. hourly, by deadline reached, etc

Online Client Reporting

Proclaim can automatically publish selected matter data to a secure web site — enabling your practice to make information available to clients around the clock, without picking up the phone, or putting pen to paper.

Document Creation & Management

Fast and effortless document and form production allows you to prepare standard documentation in a matter of seconds.   Proclaim’s ‘Intelligent’ documents are contextually sensitive — your letters will look personalised, not mass-produced.

Case Importation

New or amended case information received electronically from clients, be it one case or 1,000, can be automatically imported into Proclaim — in the right format and attached to the right cases — at the click of a button.   Compared to a case handler manually entering details of hundreds of cases, this saves days of time and effort.

Management Reports

A range of standard reports is included within Proclaim, with the option to define your own, based upon any items of data within the database.   For example, you could run a report on the caseload of fee-earners and departments; the source of referrals; the amount of work conducted by non-designated fee-earners, agents and counsel; proportions of instances/billable hours meeting targets; etc.


Diary entries with automated reminders ensure important events are not overlooked.   You can even schedule tasks to automatically occur at a given point in the future e.g. “send a chase-up letter in 1 week’s time”.   All actions are logged to create an accurate audit trail.


Proclaim provides task lists which automatically update depending upon actions taken that day, information received, etc.

Eclipse Proclaim Case Study: Compass Law

“By improving efficiencies and enabling more work to be taken on more profitably, Proclaim helped to increase our turnover by almost 800% in just 12 months.”

Phil Hodgkinson of Compass Law talks about Proclaim’s flexibility and its power in creating process efficiencies.